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Family Chiropractor

Are There Benefits of Having a Family Chiropractor?

Regular visits to Riverside Chiropractic, Alexandria, VA, will improve your health and wellness. That’s because you will receive the proper treatment if you have back or neck pain. We offer services to children, pregnant mothers, and senior adults. Chiropractic treatment is painless, natural, and safe for the entire family.


Why a Pediatric Chiropractor for Your Children Is Important

Children are prone to injury. They can get injuries that misalign their spines and cause severe pain. That can bring trauma and suffering, thus making them immobile or inactive. Our pediatric chiropractor offers treatment to help children's injuries.

Our chiropractor has experience in family practice and understands the benefits of having chiropractic care. 

Here are some of the benefits worth noting:

Chiropractic Care Is Safe for All ages

Our chiropractor is an expert in both pediatric and prenatal care and offers support to all age groups, ensuring everyone gets treatment as needed. 

It Restores Pelvic Balance for Mothers

When women are pregnant, their bodies undergo many changes. These include changes in sleep, mobility, and comfort. Prenatal chiropractic care helps with posture discomforts. It also aligns the spine and restores pelvic balance. 

It Boosts Neural Function for Children

Some children have ADD or ADHD, and spinal misalignments may worsen these disorders. When children receive chiropractic care, it helps them concentrate more and focus. Spinal adjustments release pressure from the spine and joints, thus improving neural function. 

It Improves Sleep

You cannot have a good night's sleep if you have spinal health complications. Our pediatric chiropractor notes that children who wet their beds might have spinal misalignment problems.  

Bring Your Family to Us for Chiropractic Care

If you are looking for chiropractic care for your family, Riverside Chiropractic, Alexandria, VA, is here for you. Our chiropractor understands family practice and knows what every family needs in chiropractic care. 

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  • "Dr. Hawa has a well rounded personality. He is very skillful and knowledgeable in his craftsmanship. He has provided me services for over 10 years. Dr. Hawa is dedicated to ensuring that his clients receive professional and excellent services."
    -Larry Jones

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